Residents asked to avoid steep streets

February 8, 2017

Current weather conditions have made some roadways particularly slippery. 

The following list of streets contain steep segments. Please note that this is a condensed version of Saanich's many steep street segments; those that have been listed are deemed the highest priority but this is not an exhaustive list. 

All of these segments are on our priority snow clearing routes; nonetheless, given the conditions, these segments should be avoided or additional caution exercised:

  • Amblewood: From Searidge to Royal Oak Drive
  •  Arbutus: From Telegraph Bay to top of hill
  •  Cedar Hill Road: From San Juan to Kenmore
  •  Cedar Hill Road: From Feltham to Mount Douglas Cross Road
  •  Claremont Road: From Cordova Bay Road to Wesley Place
  •  Claremont Road: From Santa Clara to Patricia Bay Highway
  •  Columbine: From Interurban Road to Carey Road
  •  Grange: From Burnside to Lavender
  •  Halliburton: From Wesley Place to Lochside Road and
  •  Halliburton: From Highgate to Patricia Bay Highway
  •  Marigold: From Interurban to Jasmine
  •  Marigold: From Interurban to Carey
  •  Mayfair Drive: All
  •  Prospect Lake Road: From Burnside Road West to Woodsend
  •  San Juan: Tyndall to top of hill
  •  San Juan: From Gordon Head to top of hill
  •  Seaview: From Telegraph Bay to Seaview
  •  Union: Quadra Street to top of hill
  •  Vista Bay: From Cordova Bay to top of the hill
  •  Wenman: From Gordon Head to top of hill