Grade 4 students learn to be prepared in an emergency

April 19, 2017

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Saanich, BC – More than 1,000 Grade 4 students are learning how to better prepared for an emergency by assembling an emergency kit and creating a preparedness plan. Taught in Saanich schools, the Grade 4 Preparedness Program is a Saanich Emergency Program initiative sponsored by Thrifty Foods.

“In our Grade 4 Preparedness Program, we provide children with practical information and tools to take home to their parents or caregivers on the importance of emergency preparedness,” says Frank Macdonald, Saanich Deputy Fire Chief.

Saanich Emergency Program volunteers assist with delivering presentations to students, sharing their knowledge and experience. The presentations consist of an emergency preparedness talk followed by two relay races that reinforce good choices when compiling an emergency preparedness kit. All students receive a start to their individual Grab and Go Bags to take home and complete.

This year’s Grade 4 Preparedness Program starts in Saanich elementary schools on April 24 and continues until May 19. Deputy Fire Chief Macdonald explains “It is very validating for us when at the end of the Grade Four presentation, we review fire safety and the kids recall in great detail the lessons from our Grade One program. This tells us they are learning and retaining the content, and we believe this to be true of the preparedness information also.

The Saanich Emergency Program is committed to increasing emergency preparedness for Saanich residents. To learn more about emergency preparedness, educational courses, or how to volunteer with the Saanich Emergency Program, contact us at 250-475-7140.


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