Uptown-Douglas Corridor Plan: Public Engagement Update

September 27, 2016

Saanich, BC – We asked and you answered! In the spring, Saanich asked the public for feedback about the future of the Uptown-Douglas Corridor. We received 900 responses and engaged in 2500 interactions with citizens through a variety of activities such as an online survey, weekly poll questions, small-group discussions at local coffee shops, pop-up events and displays at local libraries.

Engagement questions focused on five topics related to the long-term future of the study area: vision, values, goals, issues and opportunities. Overall, we heard that the public wants the Uptown-Douglas Corridor to be:

  • Walkable and bicycle-friendly;
  • Full of greenspace;
  • Sustainable/environmentally friendly;
  • Community-oriented;
  • Dense (more jobs and housing);
  • Safe; and
  • Transit-oriented.

From the input collected, a vision and a set of community values were developed and will guide the next phase of the project. Please check www.saanich.ca/udcp for the Phase 2 Public Engagement Report and to view the vision and community values. 

How to Get Involved:

As we move into phase 3 of the project, your feedback will be used to develop options to guide future growth and change in this dynamic area of Saanich. 

Check www.saanich.ca/udcp to get the latest calendar of events and an overview of opportunities to be involved.

Quick Facts:
  • 21% of all jobs in Saanich are in the Uptown-Douglas Corridor study area.
  • 130,000 vehicles travel through this corridor every day.
  • Population in this area has grown by 1.7% annually over the past 5 years, roughly double the rate of Saanich and the Capital Regional District.
  • 30% of Saanich’s industrial land is located in Uptown-Douglas Corridor study area.
  • Douglas Street is identified as a rapid transit corridor and the Uptown Major Centre has been identified as a transit hub in the BC Transit - Transit Future Plan.




Media Contact: 
Shari Holmes Saltzman 
Planning Department
Email: shari.holmes-saltzman@saanich.ca  
Phone: 250-475-5494 ext. 3453