Saanich committed to protecting Cuthbert Holmes Park

September 29, 2016

Saanich, BC – As part of an ongoing commitment to protecting parkland, Saanich has taken steps to help minimize impacts to Cuthbert Holmes Park as work on the McKenzie Interchange project begins.

“Saanich heard concerns from the public about potential impacts to Cuthbert Holmes Park, and we took action to ensure these were addressed,” said Mayor Richard Atwell. “As part of our commitment to protecting vital parkland, Saanich has been working collaboratively with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to ensure the park is protected and enhanced. We thank the Province for its continued commitment to improving transportation, while mitigating negative impacts on the environment and surrounding parkland.” 

Saanich Council has accepted a compensation package from the Province that includes:

  • An equal replacement of the leased parkland that is removed from Cuthbert Holmes Park as part of this project.
  • A contribution of $450,000 to implement the Cuthbert Holmes Management Plan – a priority previously set by Saanich Council. The plan will include items such as invasive species removal and restoration, trail upgrades and signage.
  • Minimal impacts to the Colquitz River.
  • A landscape plan to enhance flora and fauna in the area.
  • An offset and mitigation package, which will be developed by an independent professional biologist.
  • A commitment to maintain public accessibility.  
  • A commitment to replace the parking lot near Admirals Road and the trail along the northern section of the park.


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