New Spatial Data Catalogue offers valuable information to citizens

August 26, 2016

Saanich has enhanced the way citizens can obtain, view and understand spatial information.  We are excited to publish 15 spatial data collections to an online Data Catalogue. Commonly requested GIS information is now easier to freely access in various formats and with descriptive metadata.

You can download:

  • Addresses
  • Building rooflines
  • 1 metre contours
  • Municipal facilities
  • Greener garbage pickup and leaf collection areas
  • Legal property information
  • Municipal boundary
  • Parcels
  • Parks
  • Streetlights
  • Streets
  • Trails
  • Watercourses and waterbodies
  • Zoning

Have a look at the Saanich Data Catalogue located on the District’s website. More spatial data collections will be published in the future and feedback is welcome. 

If you are interested in related mapping tools, please visit our main GIS map service page