Be mindful of sensitive waterways when enjoying Saanich parks

June 1, 2016

Saanich, BC – As we head into the summer months, the temperature rises and so does the use of Saanich’s parks and natural areas, particularly those that are on or near waterways. Saanich reminds visitors to be mindful of its sensitive ecosystems, such as the Colquitz estuary and river. 

Tips for your next boat or paddleboard trip in Saanich:

  • Be aware: many waterways provide spawning grounds for fish and are home to migratory and shore birds. Please avoid the Colquitz Estuary and River (especially in the spring and fall during nesting and spawning seasons).  
  • Be respectful: do not disturb bird nests, wildlife or vegetation including downed trees. Please remain in your boat while visiting.
  • Be green: leave no traces of garbage.
  • Be safe: be aware of changing tides and wear a personal flotation device at all times.
  • Be proactive: report damage, hazardous trees or vandalism in any Saanich parks by calling 250-475-5522.

While it may be tempting to paddle in the Colquitz River estuary and beyond, even a short trip in shallow water can cause damage to sensitive ecosystems and disturb wildlife, resulting in weeks or months of recovery time for the area.  By working together, we can all enjoy Saanich’s parks and natural areas for years to come.