The following contains applications for Agricultural Land Reserve, Development Permits, Development Permit Amendments, Development Permit Variances, Rezoning and Subdivisions. All applications are listed in alphabetical order.

The bottom of this section contains applications that refer to other Reports to Council.
Last update: July 6, 2018

931 Beckwith Ave 


J E Anderson & Associates
Ryan Hoursten

4212 Glanford Ave
Victoria BC  V8Z 4B7
Phone: 250-727-2214

Description:  Subdivision to create 6 lots for single family dwelling use under current RS-8 Zoning.  Inclusion in sewer service area required.

Case Status: Conditional Approval Granted



Site Plan [PDF - 421 KB]


1000 Beckwith Ave 

990 Beckwith Ave

980 Beckwith Ave

Planster Consulting
Luke Mari

1839 Fairfield Rd
Victoria BC  V8S 1G9
Phone: 250-881-6077

Description:  To Rezone one A-1 zoned parcel to RS-8 zone and consolidate with two existing RS-8 zoned parcels for the purpose of resubdivision to create 15 new lots under RS-8 zoning for a total of 17 lots and park dedication of 0.665 ha.  Inclusion into the sewer service area is requested.  An amendment to the official community plan is also requested to adjust the urban containment boundary.

Case Status: In Progress





Site Plan [PDF - 2.1 MB]

4225 Blenkinsop Rd 
Monarch Holdings Ltd
11 2544 Dunlevy St
Victoria BC  V8R 5Z2
Phone: 250-418-0382

Description:  Application for a non-farm use within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), to construct a tennis club under the existing P-4 zoning.

Case Status: In Progress



Site Plan [PDF - 1.1 MB]

4031 Cumberland Rd 
Gordon Taylor
4031 Cumberland
Victoria BC  V8Z 6N6
Phone: 250-479-2258

Description:  Request to vary front yard setback from 7.5 m to 3.6 m and interior side yard setback from 3.0 m to 1.67 m.

Case Status: In Progress



Site Plan [PDF - 72 KB]


Other Reports to Council
4543 Blenkinsop Rd

Application for inclusion in Sewer Service Area

Report for C/W July 16, 2018  by the Director of Engineering