Cedar Hill Park

Stone bridge over phone in Cedar Hill Park

Working with the community, we planned the first public engagement event for this project – an Ideas Fair (held on June 8/17). For your convenience, the boards that were displayed at that event are posted here [PDF - 8 MB].

Through this process, we hope to determine a vison for Cedar Hill Park and to assist us with future park planning and management. Please note: Public use of the Cedar Hill Golf Course and Recreation Centre will continue to operate as it currently does.


Cedar Hill Park is one of Saanich’s largest parks and is home to the Cedar Hill Golf Course, Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, McRae House, the well-used chip trail as well as two baseball diamonds, Kings Pond and numerous natural areas. Currently Saanich Parks is undergoing a visioning and planning project for the park. The operations of both the Golf Course and Recreation Centre will not be included in the scope of the project. The project scope will focus natural areas and open land located throughout the park, the chip trail, Kings Pond, a tributary of Bowker Creek, and the Queensbury and Finlayson parking lots.

Cedar Hill is a 53.4-hectare municipal park in the Quadra Cedar Hill neighbourhood. Originally, the area used by many generations of the Lekwungen (Songhees, Esquimalt, and Saanich) First Nations. A number of landowners and leaseholders managed the property prior to Saanich obtaining the land for Parks and Recreation purposes in 1967. Kings Pond, located in the north end of the park was one of the original ponds in the area and continues to be a popular feature in the park. Initially, the Golf Couse by developed by a golf pro who leased the land from the McRae family. The Golf Course was run as a private enterprise from 1921 to 1967 (1921-1952 as a 9-Hole course/ 1952 - 1967 as an 18-hole course).

Cedar Hill Park Stakeholder Working Group

To ensure that the project reflects the community’s values, Saanich Parks has formed a Stakeholder Working Group. The group is comprised of staff, representatives from three local Community Associations, the Friends of Cedar Hill Park, the Cedar Hill Golf Club and the CRD. The group will assist with scoping of the project, developing a vision statement and plan, public engagement process, and will act as a sounding board for ideas. 

Cedar Hill Park Visioning and Planning Project Timeline


Contact us at parks@saanich.ca or 250-475-5522 with your input on Cedar Hill Park.