Park Use Guidelines

We Want Everyone to Enjoy Our Parks!

  • Can I set up a tent at my event?
  • Can I have alcohol?
  • Can I play music?
  • Do I need liability insurance for my booking?

The answers vary. Find answers to these questions and more in our guidelines [PDF - 600 KB] and contact us with any questions.

We’ve put these guidelines in place to: 

  • ensure enjoyable park use Picnic table in park
  • conserve park spaces
  • protect public safety
  • give you a planning resource to organize successful activities

Our open spaces are smoke-free!

The Capital Regional District (CRD) prohibits smoking:

  • in parks
  • at playgrounds
  • on beaches in front of any park
  • at public squares
  • within 7 metres from any bus stop, window, door or air intake

 Learn more about the CRD Clean Air Bylaw.

Help us keep our parks clean!

  • Remove any extra garbage and dispose it properly.
  • Take all compostable or recyclable materials with you.
  • Contact Saanich Parks if you need help removing trash.