Food Truck Pilot Program

On April 26, 2021, Council approved a Food Truck Pilot Program to proceed at Cadboro-Gyro Park [PDF - 371 KB], Beckwith Park [PDF - 320 KB] and Gorge Waterway Park [PDF - 124 KB].

Pilot Details

Number of Participating Food Trucks

  • We are able to accommodate 10 vendors in the Pilot Program. Vendors will be selected via a lottery draw (being held May 31, 2021).
  • Vendors will be finalized once it has been determined they meet all operating requirements. 


  • 2 spots are available at Beckwith Park, 2 are at Cadboro-Gyro Park, and 1 at Gorge Waterway Park.
  • Locations are predetermined and may not be changed. A site visit with selected vendors to show the specific locations will occur in advance of scheduled dates. 
Beckwith Park locations
Cadboro-Gyro Park locations
Gorge Waterway Park location

Map of Gorge Waterway Park parking lot near Austin highlighted the approved area for 1 food truck


  • The Pilot will run for 10 weeks from July 1 until September 8, 2021.

Location and Hours

  • Food truck locations are pre-determined, and participating vendors will rotate from spot to spot on a weekly basis.
  • Each of the 10 participating vendors will get 1 week at each spot – 2 weeks at Beckwith Park, 2 weeks at Cadboro-Gyro Park and 1 week at Gorge Waterway Park for a total of 5 weeks each.
  • View the rotation schedule. [PDF - 157 KB]
  • Vendors may choose the hours they wish to operate at their designated location between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., 7 days a week, and must leave the park by 10 p.m. daily.

Licenses and Inspections

  • Operators must have a Business License that is valid in Saanich (including Island Health Authority approval and a Fire Safety Inspection), and a Saanich Park Permit (requires commercial general liability insurance with minimum limits of $2M with Saanich named as additional insured, and minimum $2M third party liability vehicle insurance).
  • Note that these do not have to be in place when registering for the lottery.

Power and Water

  • Operators are required to supply their own water and power.
  • If generators are used they must comply with the Noise Bylaw.

Garbage, compost and recylcing

  • In order for this Pilot Program to be successful all associated waste must be contained and disposed of.
  • Operators are responsible for supplying garbage, recycling and compost bins, and disposing of contents responsibly off-site daily.
  • This includes performing regular garbage/recycling checks of the area to ensure no waste left in park.
  • We encourage participants to use recyclable and compostable materials whenever possible.


  • No fee will be charged by Saanich Parks for participating in the Pilot Program.
  • Vendors are responsible for any costs related to business license, insurance and health authority requirements.

To participate

  • 10 food truck vendors will be chosen in a random draw on May 31 to participate in the Pilot for 5 weeks each.
  • The first drawn vendor will assume the Vendor 1 spot on the rotation schedule.
  • The second vendor drawn will assume the Vendor 2 spot on the rotation schedule (and so on) until all 10 vendors are identified.
  • Additional names will be drawn for the chance to cover a location in the event any of the 10 vendors are unable to participate on a given day.
  • Reserve vendors will be offered openings in the order they are drawn. Reserve vendors will be contacted in the rotation of the number they are drawn for available open spots.
  • If you are interested in participating please submit a fully completed Food Truck Pilot Lottery Entry form [PDF - 163 KB] by May 30, 2021, 11:59 p.m. pacific. Send your entry form and any other information to or fax to 250-475-5525. Make sure you save the form as you complete it and attach this saved version!

Any questions about this process? Contact us at or 250-475-5522.