Natural Intelligence

Are you Naturally Intelligent

We want to work with you on improving your knowledge of nature, parks and how to improve our environment.

Building Our Natural Intelligence

Every Saanich resident is actively enhancing our natural world by 2025.

We are all at different places in our learning curve when it comes to what we know about our natural world and how we interact with it. By building our Natural Intelligence, we will be more able to understand the changing natural world around us. When we interact with nature in a positive way, we can adapt our own actions to be more in tune with the natural world. Our actions as individuals and as a community will help determine our future.

Are you curious? Come and join us on our journey to learn, love and live with nature.  


Two children with magnifying glass taking a close up look at a dandelionWhat does it look like? Actively learning about our natural environment through research, observations, and educational programs. Expanding our collective knowledge of local plants and animals and their roles within our diverse ecosystems. Increasing awareness of environmental issues and getting inspired to take action.

  • Nature walks/hikes
  • Viewing and identifying wildlife
  • Nature preschools
  • School-park partnerships
  • Demonstration gardens and areas


Tree trunk with two hands encircling it while holding a small tree saplingWhat does it look like? Becoming involved with projects, activities, and volunteer opportunities to enhance and protect our natural areas. Advocating for and participating in environmental restoration. Using our environmental knowledge to make positive changes in the community.


Puling together volunteer clipping weeds in Cedar Hill ParkWhat does it look like? Continually strengthening our relationships with nature. Influencing others to learn more about our natural areas and to make environmentally sustainable lifestyle choices. Acting with a future orientation to ensure that our planet continues supporting us beyond today.

What’s next for Saanich Parks?

Check back here to find out what we’re doing next. Contact us if you or your group have an idea or want to get involved. 

Here are some more possibilities for building our Natural Intelligence…

  • Natural or environmental art
  • Increased tree planting on public and private lands
  • Community challenges
  • Restoration pop-up events
  • Developing an Arboretum (tree garden)
  • Nature walk-in clinics
  • Environmental sculptures
  • Food forests and community gardens
  • Greening sports facilities
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Gorge/Colquitz Watershed Special Management Area
  • Creating permeable surfaces (rain gardens, vegetated swaths) to regulate rainwater runoff
  • Solar powered washrooms or other infrastructure
  • Building more wood duck boxes
  • Displaying more interpretive signs about our natural areas
  • Creating an eco-centre for kids
  • Natural “play-scapes”
  • Promoting I-NaturalistI-Bird, etc.
  • Step counts for park trails along with trail difficulty classifications
  • Interactive park focal points – exploring Aps

gardener digging in dirt to plant a potted plant