The Gift of Nature

Spending time in nature allows you to give attention to yourself. It can help you clear your thoughts and reduce anxiety.
While in nature, urgency, deadlines and time as measured by the clock on the wall, on your wrist watch or your phone melts away. Minutes can feel like hours and hours or like fleeting moments. Taking time in nature can refresh your spirit and reboot your mind resulting in you feeling happier and content. Nature is one of the best things you can do for yourself after a long and tiring day, week or month on the go. For some, nature can offer a new perspective of how you look at a situation, allowing you to see things differently once you are out of your usual environment and are in a natural one. Nature can provide an excellent feeling of satisfaction, achievement and accomplishment. It can help you to appreciate life.

Indulge in Nature

It is a great idea to indulge in your favorite outdoor activity, being in the sun can exhilarate you, calm you, relax you, fortify and restore you. Being outdoors enhances brain connectivity for more efficient focus and, also replenishes voluntary attention.  Learn more

Read in Nature

When was the last time you read a book or an article in a magazine? When you’re reading, you’re training your mind to focus on new information and take it in.  Reading is a workout for your brain as it improves your analytical skills and memory.  Learn more

Cloud Gaze in Nature

No matter your age, cloud watching can give you the opportunity to relax! Gaze and form objects from the shapes in the clouds and you will become more aware, and more focused. Aside from helping you relax, it gives you an opportunity to connect with nature. Learn more


Blue in Nature

A day at the water’s edge can bring joy to people of all ages. Relaxing at, or walking along the ocean, lakes and creeks has the power to inspire. Learn more

Grow in Nature

Dig this! Getting dirt under your nails while gardening can make you pretty happy. Studies show that inhaling M. vaccae, a healthy
bacteria, that lives in soil can increase levels of serotonin and reduce anxiety. Learn More