Be Active in Nature

Whether you are living, working or just visiting Saanich; you deserve the opportunity to be in nature. You deserve to breathe fresh air at every moment. We are fortunate
on Vancouver Island to be surrounded by nature, whether it’s the ocean, local lakes, forest or meadows. In fact, the opportunities to spend time in nature, enjoying unlimited fresh air is one of the significant benefits a person could have in Saanich.                                                                   

Happier in Nature

The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will breathe which will increase the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you happier. Learn more

Move in Nature

When you exercise, your lungs dilate from having an increase of oxygen and you release airborne toxins from your body when exhaling through your lungs.  Fresh air can improve this cleansing of your lungs. Learn more

Fitness in Nature

Outdoor fitness comes in many forms, it can be free form play, or a structured exercise program that takes advantage of natural terrain to get you in shape, and it can be as simple as a brisk walk around the block. Learn more

Nourish in Nature

Getting outdoors to eat, can do wonders. Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen helping you digest food more effectively. So pack a picnic and head outside. 
Learn more