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Welcome Back...again!

And what a great month return to your local recreation centre as June is Recreation and Parks Month! Inspire others in our community to participate by sharing what you did on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tag your posts with both #JRPM2021 and #saanichprcs

Come back and enjoy your low intensity fitness, dance or art program.   Saanich will continue to adhere to all the latest requirements. For details on the current COVID Provincial Health Order click here

Some classes will still remain available outdoors, some will be registered drop in and some will be indoor registered.  Look at the classes you can choose from!  Click here for specific program information or call the centre

CH - Cedar Hill 250-475-7121
GH - Gordon Head 250-475-7100
PKS - Pearkes 250-475-5400
SCP - Commonwealth 250-475-7600

Registered Indoor classes

20-20- 20 – CH, SCP

Balance Booster GH

Core &  Barre  – CH

Barre Fitness – SCP

Chronic Pain/Mild Movement – SCP

Functional Fitness - CH

Gentle Fit – CH

Gentle Hip and Back Release – SCP

Osteofit CH, SCP

Pilates Conditioning, Basics & Strength – CH, SCP

Pilates Matwork –SCP

Pure Stretch - SCP

Pilates –Restorative – GH

Aikido – GH

Yoga – Hatha - SCP

Yoga – Kundalini – CH

Yoga - Strength and Ease SCP

Yoga - 55yrs + SCP

Yoga - Ashtanga Flow SCP


Nuline Dance – GH and CH

Hula Dance – SCP 

Indoor Reserved Drop

Body Sculpt - SCP

Susan’s Total Body Fit – SCP

Fitness Fusion - SCP

Strength & Stretch – CH

Core & More – CH

Functional Fitness - CH



Reserved Drop In

Registered classes

20-20-20 - CH

Barre Fitness SCP

Barre Strength Fusion – SCP

Barre Yoga – SCP

Body Blast - CH

Body Fit - PKS

Body Sculpt – SCP

Cycle Fit - PKS

Fitness 101, 201, 301 – GH

Kickboxing – SCP

Outdoor Cycle  Fit – GH, PKS

Rise’n Cycle – GH

Strength & Stretch –  SCP, PKS

Total Body Fit- SCP

Yoga - Hatha Flow & Classic  – PKS, SCP

Yoga – PKS

Yoga For Every Body – CH

Weekend, morning Drop-In Cycle Fit Classes starting at Pearkes on June 13th.

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Instructor Spotlight

Personal Training Promotion is still available!

For a limited time only purchase a four times personal training package and receive two free visits to any Saanich weight-room of your choice. This offer is a onetime deal only and expires on June 30, 2021. To make your purchase call or visit one of the four Saanich recreation centers prior to June 30th. For more information about Personal Training programs and this promotion click here