Inclusion and Accessibility Services

We welcome everyone!

Accessible Facilities

Our Recreation Centres have:

  • Designated disabled parking stalls
  • Extra wide parking stalls for ramped accessible vehicles
  • Automatic doors into the building

Our Recreation Centres have many other accessible features. View our Recreation Centre pages for details.

Inclusion Services

Accessibility in Saanich is about enabling everyone to participate fully in our Parks and Recreation services. We envision a barrier-free community for all.

Effective immediatley, Saanich residents may apply for a Leisure Assistant Pass directly through Saanich Parks and Recreation. This pass is for people with disabilities, of all ages, who require the assistance of a support person for leisure activities. Upon presentation of the Leisure Assistant Pass at a participating venue, one support person will be given free or reduced admission. The intention is to facilitate participation, while ensuring the person with a disability does not pay double for admission. Visit any Saanich Recreation Centre, send an email to or phone us at 250-475-5422 to sign up.

Inclusion Support for Summer Camps

On Wed. April 28, all summer camp offerings will be available to be viewed online. Registration day is Wed. May 12.View registered activities and programs.

This Summer, we are piloting a new registration process for families that fall into any of these scenarios:
a)    Requesting 1-on-1 Inclusion Leader support from Saanich (with SCD funding)
b)    Requesting 1-on-1 Inclusion Leader support from Saanich (with funding from another organization)
c)    Requesting 1-on-1 Inclusion Leader support from Saanich (still looking for funding, currently don’t have anything secured)
d)    Sending your child to camp with private 1-on-1 support not affiliated with Saanich (independent support worker, family member, etc.)

If any of the scenarios above apply to your family, you will follow a new registration process. This process is to request the camps you wish to register your child into. For EACH week that you need camp, you will register for that week’s Activity Number and provide…

1) Your first “pick” option for camp, and
2) Your second “pick” option for camp


Activity Number                  Activity Name
57596 Inclusion Support Intake - Jun 28-Jul 2
57597 Inclusion Support Intake - Jul 5-9
57598 Inclusion Support Intake - Jul 12-16 
57599 Inclusion Support Intake - Jul 19-23
57600 Inclusion Support Intake - Jul 26-30 
57601 Inclusion Support Intake - Aug 3-6 
57602 Inclusion Support Intake - Aug 9-13 
57603 Inclusion Support Intake - Aug 16-20 
57604 Inclusion Support Intake - Aug 23-27
57605 Inclusion Support Intake - Aug 30-Sept 3

By registering in each week/Activity Number that you need care, you are putting your child on a list for a spot to have a 1-on-1 support person accompany them to camp. The computer generates the request list on a first-come, first-serve basis (when you sign-up/register).

The purpose for this new approach is to organize how many additional adults are in a particular camp. Due to new COVID-19 safety protocols, Saanich is working with strict room and/or group size capacities. This is why families will provide 1) First “pick” and 1) Second “pick” camp options, as your first preference may not be available due to another family request before yours.

This new registration process is how we will organize Inclusion Leader requests. By signing your child up for the appropriate Activity Numbers listed above, you are not registering for camp. There will be no financial transactions. This process is how we are collecting requests, as placements will depend on staff availability and camp space.

Now I know you’re thinking… What if the camp I want fills up with other families not needing 1-on-1 support? Don’t you worry! I’ve got you covered!! Camp Supervisors have saved spots (1 to 2 spots, depending on the camp setting), for families requesting or providing 1-on-1 support for their children. If I am able to grant your request for a certain week, you will be contacted to register for camp. This is when payment will be required. 

If you have questions about specific camps, for example, would they be a good fit for your child? These are questions for the Programmers responsible for each individual camp. Please reach out the appropriate Recreation Centre and you will be directed to the right person.

Specific Information for Families with Supported Child Development (SCD) Funding

Currently, SCD is approving families up to 7 weeks of funding, 280 hours (based on qualifications)
Due to the expected high demand of 1-on-1 Inclusion Leader requests, Saanich will only be accepting up to 7 weeks/280 hours of support requests per family. Not up to 10 weeks like Summer 2020.
If you have funding thought SCD and wish to send your child to camp with an Independent Support Worker or family  member (someone not affiliated with Saanich), please reach out to me– Let’s chat!

For Families that do not have funding through Supported Child Development
If you have funding through a different organization and wish to request Saanich 1-on-1 Inclusion Leader support, please reach out to me – Let’s chat!
If you have funding through a different organization and wish to send your child to camp with an Independent Support Worker or family member (someone not affiliated with Saanich), please reach out to me – Let’s chat! 

Families that do not have third-party funding and require 1-on-1 support for their child to attend camp
Please contact me directly and I can share information about other opportunities in the community
I suggest looking into Lifetime Network summer services.