Saanich GeoQuest

Date & Time: April 22, 2021 (9:00 am) - May 10, 2021 (9:00 pm)

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The Saanich GeoQuest scavenger hunt has now wrapped up and we are excited to announce the winners of the contest. Lisa L. has won the grand prize $800 gift certificate to Cycles West and the prize baskets have been awarded to the following:

  • Gardening Basket - Sandy M
  • Golf Basket - Curtis V
  • Family Games Basket - Shelagh M
  • Health & Fitness Basket - Connie S
  • Cycling Accessories Basket - Gareth D
  • Emergency Preparedness Basket - Vienna Z

We want to thank Cycles West for their on-going support and everyone who participated. We hope that you were able to safely get out an explore some areas of Saanich you haven't seen before. We look forward to offering this activity again next year as part of the Earth Day Festival next April.

Thursday, April 22 to May 10

Stay Local, Stay Safe!  The Saanich GeoQuest is an outdoor scavenger hunt you can do safely with your family, on your own schedule.  Participants will explore Saanich to find a series of 20 locations in parks, on trails, and at community facilities. On your quest using active transportation, explore the community and discover unique natural and cultural heritage sites.

2 new locations will be posted below each day as well as on the Saanich Parks, Recreation and Community Services Facebook page starting Earth Day, Thursday April 22. 

Facebook Event Page

  • You will have 10 days to visit as many of the 20 locations as you can find.
  • Each location will include a picture and clues to where it might be located in Saanich.
  • When you visit a location simply take a picture of yourself at the location and upload your image using the links on this page.
  • Each location you visit will earn you an entry into the prize draw. Visit all 20 locations to earn 20 entries. All photos must be uploaded by May 10.
  • One prize per person.
  • Family members can use the same photo (group images) but we ask that you submit names of each family member separately in the contest links below, which also gives you more entries into the prize draw.
  • Photo entries can also be sent to the Event Coordinator by email if you do not have a Facebook account

Prizes to be won!

  • $800 Gift Card to Cycles West
  • Gardening Basket (Valued at $250)
  • Golf Basket (Valued at $250)
  • Family Games Basket (Valued at $250)
  • Health & Fitness Basket (Valued at $200)
  • Cycling Accessories Basket (Valued at $200)
  • Emergency Preparedness Basket (Valued at $250)

Location Photos and Clues

To view the GeoQuest locations you can open the files below and then use the upload link to enter your pictures in the contest

PLEASE NOTE: The GeoQuest location sign seen in the pictures will NOT be in the spot when you arrive, you just need to be in the area to take your photo.

Locations #1 & 2 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #3 & 4 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #5 & 6 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #7 & 8 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #9 & 10 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #11 & 12 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #13 & 14 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #15 & 16 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #17 & 18 - Photos with clues (pdf file)
Locations #19 & 20 - Photos with clues (pdf file)

Community Partners

Saanich Earth Day Festival returns in 2022

We are not able to offer the Saanich Earth Day Festival this year due to the on-going global pandemic and Provincial restrictions on social gatherings .  We look forward to the day when restrictions are lifted, but in the meantime we are excited to offer this virtual event for you and your family to enjoy.