10 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day in Saanich

Date & Time: July 1, 2021 (9:00 am - 9:00 pm)

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10 way to celebrate Canada Day 2021

Join Saanich Community Services (with Saanich Council) to get in the Canada Day spirit and share some love with your community:

1. Deck out your deck and fly your flag
Decorate your house, apartment, business or balcony. You might inspire your neighbours to do the same!

2. Chalk your walk
Share some Canadian caring with a special image or message in chalk on your driveway or sidewalk.

3.Wear your heart on your sleeve
Proudly wear your red and white all day long - we'll spread this year's Living Flag all around the region. 

4. Make your own parade
The Gorge Canada Day bike parade takes a rest this year, but you don't have to! Decorate your bike, scooter or automobile and go for a ride. 

5. Take a hike or picnic in a park
With over 170 parks in Saanich alone, there's plenty of space to enjoy some together time outdoors. Where's your special "go to" place or new discovery?

6. Share the love
You may not be able to spend this Canada Day with all of your family and friends, but you can safely surprise them by dropping off some Canada Day cheer. Help lift the spirits of those who are isolated. 

7. Get festive with food
Enjoy a backyard barbecue or support local with take out or eat in from a nearby restaurant. Be sure to add some Canadian fare like poutine or bannock, and top it off with some local strawberries and ice cream!

8. Add music to your day
While large concerts skip a beat this year, you don't have to! Celebrate with music by making a playlist of Canadian music, hire a local musician for a driveway concert, or tune in to one of these virtual Canada Day broadcasts:

9. Join in an "Oh Canada" sing-along at 7:00 pm

Sing your heart out at 7:00pm as part of your regular shout out to healthcare workers! Pots, pans and instrumental accompaniment welcome. If you'd like an orchestra behind you as you sing the national anthem, click here to add the National Arts Centre Orchestra. 

10. Light up the night
While there won't be fireworks, you and your neighbours can light up your street! Haul out those patio lanterns or red and white lights and brighten the night.

Share with us, how you spend your Canada Day - tag us on social media @saanichparksrec, or Instagram: @saanichparksrecreation with hashtags #saanich #canadaday