Cedar Hill Golf Course: rezoning application open house

Date & Time: December 5, 2016 (3:00pm - 8:00pm)

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  • Monday, December 5
  • 3 - 8 p.m.
  • Cedar Hill Golf Course, 1400 Derby Road

Cedar Hill Golf Course rezoning FAQs

Q. Why has a rezoning application been made?
A. While developing strategies to improve the financial sustainability of the golf course, staff discovered that the long standing retail business of the Pro Shop is not incorporated under the current zoning of P4. Rezoning to P4HR will correct this anomaly.

Q. What revenue opportunities will the new zoning of P4HR allow?
A. P4HR is the same zoning as the four Saanich Recreation Centres and would allow for community recreation programming (eg. Yoga classes) and health services (eg. physiotherapy, massage) to be conducted in the pro shop and clubhouse buildings.

Q. Is the whole golf course being rezoned?
A. No, just the pro shop, clubhouse and adjacent parking lot. The rest of the golf course located within Cedar Hill Park will remain as P4.
Q. Why is the parking lot included in the rezoning area?
A. This is consistent with the way the four Saanich Recreation Centres are zoned. The parking lots at each of the sites support the activities of the recreation/golf facilities and are therefore included in the application.
Q. How will the re-zoning help with financial sustainability of the golf course?
A. Golf course operations are highly weather dependent. Being able to diversify revenue streams at the golf course will assist in developing consistent and predictable, non-golf revenue opportunities year round. This will augment the more unpredictable golf and food service business streams.
Q. Will there be any structural changes (additions) to either building?
A. No. New revenue generating activities will occur in existing, under-utilized spaces.
Q. Is Saanich planning to redevelop the property?
A. No. This is not a rezoning for development. This application
has been made to ensure the zoning is reflective of the long standing current business and to expand the uses of the existing spaces.

For more information contact Carole Ireland, Golf Course Manager, at 250-475-5406