Next steps for Shaping Saanich

During the 2018 Your Say, Your Way initiative, residents identified a need to learn more about Saanich’s strategic and financial planning processes. Dialogue Partners conducted the public engagement and provided us with seven key recommendations:

  1. Start by developing concise, compelling and creative informative materials.
  2. Raise awareness of opportunities to participate. 
  3. Integrate online engagement options into existing processes. 
  4. Develop opportunities to engage earlier in financial planning process. 
  5. Incorporate an interactive discussion opportunity during financial planning.
  6. Establish an “open to all” meeting opportunity in strategic planning.
  7. Communicate the changes in an effort for continuous improvement and evolution of the process.

Shaping Saanich includes an implementation plan for these recommendations based on continuous improvement. We’re starting with basic education materials and will continue to develop resources throughout the next year. Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see next.

Now until May 2019:

  • Develop new educational materials to inform the public about strategic and financial planning generally and for the 2019 budget specifically. 
  • Develop and implement an enhanced communication program for the budget materials and promote existing participation opportunities earlier and more broadly. 
  • Conduct the citizen and business surveys including an online survey.
  • Create online opportunities for both processes where possible.
  • Incorporate public meetings into Council’s Strategic Planning process.

Summer 2019:

  • Incorporate additional educational materials on the Strategic Plan and how it links to the Financial Plan 
  • Implement interactive online and in person public opportunities for development of the 2020 Budget Guidelines
  • Council deliberation in open meeting on 2020 Budget Guidelines incorporating input received through new processes.

More details about the implementation plan are available in the Council report [PDF - 4 MB].