Shaping Saanich

How the future of Saanich takes shape

Shaping Saanich, the name of this new education and engagement campaign, is designed to share easy to understand information about Saanich processes like strategic and financial planning.

We heard from residents that these processes are not always clearly explained. Shaping Saanich is a new direction and long-term commitment by Mayor and Council to ensure increased public understanding and involvement in the important elements of municipal decision-making.

The first focus of Shaping Saanich is inviting people to learn about strategic and financial planning.

Shaping Saanich includes an education campaign to help citizens learn about how decisions are made for Saanich and provide easy and meaningful opportunities for residents to participate in strategic and financial planning.

Initially, we aim to reach and inform the many citizens who admit they know little about the strategic and financial planning processes. This could be a homeowner, student, business owner, senior, or other member of the community. This will help you understand some of the challenges and factors that are evaluated every year by staff when preparing the draft budget and by Council as they debate the budget.

Learn more by reviewing our new resources:

Over the next few years, Shaping Saanich will involve sharing new materials, such as:

  • factsheets;
  • website content;
  • polls;
  • posters;
  • videos, and
  • online learning materials. 


To see how Shaping Saanich will move forward over the next few months, please see our next steps.