Sign Permit

Sign Permit Applications

Permission to erect, place, construct, alter or move a sign within Saanich.


A complete application includes the following information (2 copies of each):

  • Application Form [PDF - 1.2 MB]  - signed by owner or owner's authorized agent's signature is required on the application form.
  • A top-view plan showing the location of each proposed sign on the property (see back of application form).
  • If applying for a free-standing sign, indicate the location of all existing free-standing signs on the top-view plan, and the distances from property lines for the proposed new free-standing sign(s) (see back of application form).
  • If applying for a fascia, wall or canopy sign, provide a drawing or photo of the entire face of the building that the sign is proposed to be located on, indicating the location of all existing and proposed signs (see back of application form).
  • Provide scaled drawings of each proposed sign indicating dimensions, materials, colours and lighting.  Please include measurements in metric.

Fees:  (subject to change)

  • $30.00 for each sign 0.4 sq m or smaller in area
  • $60.00 for each sign larger than 0.4 sq m but not exceeding 2 sq m in area
  • $100.00 for each sign exceeding 2 sq m in area