Additions – Single Family Dwelling, Duplex or Accessory Building

If you are planning on building an addition to an existing building, a building permit is required.  Addition project types include, but are not limited to;

  • enclosing a carport
  • converting a non-living space to living space
  • enclosing a deck
  • additional floor area
  • sunroom
  • constructing any new exterior walls

The links below are designed to assist you with your permit application. Each link includes the information you need to help speed up processing your permit.

Remember, the more complete your application is, the faster you will get your permit.

Application: Residential Additions - Single Family Dweling, Duplex or Accessory Building [PDF - 196 KB]

A complete application includes:

  1. Five complete sets of plans.
  2. Completed application form. 
  3. Current certificate of title dated within 30 days plus copies of any encumbrances registered against the parcel (Covenants, Rights-of-Way).
  4. Owner signature or if you’re not the owner, an Agent’s Authorization [PDF - 76 KB] from the owner.
  5. Application fee [PDF - 67 KB]

For more information to help you prepare a correct permit application submission see below, or request hard copies from Inspection Services at the Municipal Hall.

If your project includes a Secondary Suite by way of an addition or conversion of non-living space to living space in an existing Single Family Dwelling, please refer to our Secondary Suite page for our guidelines and requirements

Secondary Suites are permitted in RS Zoned properties.

If you are wishing to construct a Rooms for Family Member area by way of an addition or conversion of non-living space to living space to an existing Single Family Dwelling, please contact Saanich Planning at 250-475-5471 or

For questions about trees and development, applying for tree permits and the Tree Preservation Bylaw.