Deposit of Fill & Removal of Soil

When You Need a Permit

We require permits to regulate the fill you add to your property and to protect the environment.

You need to apply for a permit when you plan to:

  • Change the grade by adding fill or removing soil.
  • Place more than 40 cubic meters of fill.
  • Remove any soil from your property.

What to Include in Your Application

1. Completed Deposit of Fill & Removal of Soil Application [PDF - 78 KB]

2. A site plan from a certified engineer or land surveyor showing:

  • The area where you plan to put the fill.
  • The area where you plan to remove soil.
  • All natural water courses.
  • A drawing that shows the profile of existing and proposed grades and cross sections.

Permit Application Costs

  • 2,000 cubic meters or less:  $300
  • 2,000 to 50,000 cubic meters:  $1,000
  • 50,000 cubic meters or more:  $2,000
  • Permit Fee of $0.50 per cubic meter of fill deposited.

Surety Deposit (refundable)

  • First 2,000 cubic metres or less for each half hectare or part of:  $2,000
  • More than 2,000 cubic metres:  $2,000 plus $0.50 per cubic meter.

Fees may change.

You may also need an Agricultural Land Commission application if you plan to make changes on agricultural land. Current fee: $600.