Commercial, Industrial and Multifamily Permits

If you are planning on;

  • building an entirely new building,
  • renovating an existing building,
  • adding to an existing building,
  • doing tenant improvements or
  • demolishing an existing building

You will need a building permit.

The links below are designed to assist you with your permit application. Each link includes the necessary information you are required to submit in order to help speed up processing your permit.

The more complete your application is, the faster you will get your permit.

Commercial, Institutional, Industrial or Multi-Family Residential [PDF - 146 KB]

A complete application includes:

  1. Five complete sets of plans for new, renovation, addition, leasehold/tenant improvements and demolitions.
  2. Submit plan-sets in the following order:  architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, fire suppressions, electrical, other.
  3. Completed application form. 
  4. Homeowner Warranty (HPO) required for all new multi-family projects
  5. Owner signature or if you’re not the owner, an Agents Authorization [PDF - 76 KB]
  6. BuildingPermitFees.pdf [PDF - 81 KB]
  7. Building Code Information Sheet [PDF - 168 KB]

More information to help you prepare a correct permit application submission. See below, or request hard copies from Inspection Services at the Municipal Hall.

  • All approved services installed. Contact Engineering at 250-475-5575 for Municipal services drawings.
  • You may need a geotechnical engineer's report, depending on site conditions. If so, we’ll need letters of assurance.
  • When a registered professional provides letters of assurance, he or she shall obtain and keep in force professional liability insurance. He or she shall provide proof of such insurance to the building official through the Declaration of Insurance Coverage [PDF - 63 KB].

For questions about trees and development, applying for tree permits and the Tree Preservation Bylaw.

Please note: As of June 1, 2019 Step Code [PDF - 772 KB] will apply to all new resedential and commercial buildings. It is reccomended that applicants familiarize themselves with the requirements of the Step Code and the use of a registered energy advisor, energy models and air tightness testing.