Climate Plan Events & Videos

Find out about upcoming and past events shaping Saanich’s Climate Plan update!

Phase 1 Engagement Summary:

Thank you to all those who participated in our first phase of engagement throughout 2018 – we were delighted by the attendance at our open houses and workshops, the number of surveys completed and the valuable input to the development of the plan from all involved.  

We are currently reviewing all of the information from the first phase of engagement and this will be used to inform the development of draft strategies and actions to achieve both the climate targets and to address the projected climate changes for the region.  These draft strategies will form the basis of a second phase of engagement in Spring 2019. 

You can view the Phase 1 engagement materials here:

Upcoming Events:

Please check back here or join the enews list to learn about the Phase 2 Climate Plan engagement events, expected in Spring 2019.

Past Events:

Fall 2018 Free Public Workshops

Thursday, November 29th 
Saturday, December 1

These well-attended free events included an Open House, Interactive Workshops on Mitigation (reducing our climate impact) and Adaptation (responding to a changing climate), and tours of the renewable energy upgrades at Gordon Head Recreation Centre.

Saanich Talks: Our community in a changing climate

Our kickoff event was Saanich Talks: Our Community in a Changing Climate on Monday, May 7th. Thanks to everyone who came out! For those that missed it, here are the presentations from our fabulous speakers.

Dr. Thomas PedersenSaanich, Climate Change Impacts, and Opportunities [PDF - 4 MB]

Dr. Nancy Turner“Keeping all the Pieces”: The importance of Biodiversity in Saanich at a time of Environmental Change [PDF - 7 MB]

Dr. Jennie MooreSaanich’s ‘Footprint’ and what we can do about it [PDF - 1000 KB]

One Planet Saanich

Wed, June 20th

An Evening of One Planet Storytelling with Pooran Desai.

Monday, July 16th, 2018 - Creating a One Planet Community - Special Livestream Event

Community Festivals

Visit your utility provider (FortisBC or BC Hydro) at community events to learn about programs and offers.