Climate Action & Adaptation Plans

Climate Plan Update Underway!

Phase 3 Public Engagement Complete

Thank you to those who participate in the third and final phase of engagement. Saanich staff are now reviewing the results and using them to inform the final Climate Plan to be presented to Council this winter. The third phase of enagement gave community members and stakeholders an opportunity to review the draft Climate Plan and provide feedback via an online survey, helping to ensure that the Climate Plan truly reflects our community’s values and aspirations and helps achieve our climate goals. Read about previous phases of engagement. 

Public and stakeholders were invited to:

  1. Read the draft Saanich Climate Plan [PDF - 3 MB]. (Please note: we are requesting feedback about content. Graphics, layout, and copy editing work will be completed in the finalized Climate Plan that will be presented to Council.)  No time to read the plan? Read the brochure [PDF - 4 MB] and Phase 3 engagement boards.  [PDF - 94 MB]
  2. Answer the online survey (closed Oct. 9th) and/or send feedback to


100% Renewable and Resilient Saanich

In 2017, Council gave direction for staff to update Saanich’s Climate Action Plan, and in August 2019 updated the following targets:

  • achieving 50 per cent reduction of community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions below 2007 levels by 2030; and 
  • reaching net zero emissions before 2050 as a complement to the target of becoming a 100% Renewable Energy Community; and

  • preparing for and adapting to a changing climate.

(Read the staff report on the August 2019 update to targets here. [PDF - 583 KB])

Public and stakeholders are invited to contribute to a new Saanich Climate Plan. 

To learn more, read the updated the Terms of Reference [PDF - 876 KB], the Climate Plan Backgrounder [PDF - 5 MB], and sign up for email updates, or visit this webpage for updates about events, surveys, and more.

How to Get Involved

Thank you to all those who participated in engagement opportunities so far – we have been delighted by the attendance at our Phase 1 and 2 open houses and workshops, the number of surveys completed to date, and the valuable input to the development of the plan from all involved.   We have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of engagement, and are in the third and final Phase. 

More information about the Phase 1 and 2 events, including the presentations and open house boards are available here.

To learn more:

  1. Read the Climate Plan Backgrounder Series [PDF - 5 MB]
  2. Try the personal Carbon Calculator to learn about where your own carbon emissions come from. 
  3. Learn about upcoming and previous events
  4. Read about the 80% GHG Reduction Scenario [PDF - 3 MB]
  5. Try the interactive CANtool model of greenhouse gas reductions and strategies. 
  6. Join the e-news list
  7. Learn about our community's current greenhouse gas emissions (Territorial [PDF - 2 MB] and Consumption-Based [PDF - 1 MB])
  8. Learn about the One Planet Saanich Initiative (see the One Planet Saanich webpage for more information)

 Current Climate Plans

2010 Climate Action Plan Highlights

The Climate Action Plan set targets and identified actions to reduce both community and municipal GHG emissions.

Actions Include:

  • Reduce municipal fleet fuel consumption.
  • Promote energy alternatives like solar hot water in buildings.
  • Implement a greener garbage collection program. 

Our 2020 GHG Reduction Targets:

  • 33% in the community.
  • 50% for municipal operations.

We will continue to undertake projects that move us towards these 2020 targets whilst the climate plan is updated throughout 2018.

2010 Climate Adaptation Plan Highlights

Adaptation refers to activities intended to reduce unavoidable climate change effects.

We face many climate change impacts:

  • Sea-level changes.
  • Severe storms and bigger precipitation events
  • Seasonal water scarcity
  • Health impacts
  • Ecological impacts.
  • Food security challenges.

This plan looks to identify all impacts and the actions we need to take to respond to a changing climate in our community. 

The following reports released by the Capital Regional District outline the most recent information regarding climate changes in our region:


Saanich publicly reports its progress to several stakeholders:

In 2013, Saanich was awarded top honours in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program. The Municipality has reached five milestones for both corporate and community programs, making it the 8th municipality in Canada to achieve this status and the first on Vancouver Island.

See how Saanich is leading by example.