Climate Action & Adaptation Plans

2020 Climate Plan

The 2020 Climate Plan: 100% Renewable and Resilient Saanich was adopted by Council on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. Thank you to all those who contributed to its development. 

Read the full plan below, or check out a 3 minute introduction [PDF - 913 KB]


We need to do this together

Our collective success requires action from everybody, including residents, businesses, community organizations, institutions, neighbouring local governments, and senior levels of government.

How you can get involved in climate action in Saanich

Action together
Would you like a presentation about the Saanich Climate Plan for your organization? Are you interested in volunteering on community projects as an individual or as an organization or business? Email sustainability[at] to let us know! Many opportunities to get involved in reducing emissions and building resilience at the neighbourhood and community levels will be available in the coming months.

Individual action
Join thousands of other Saanich residents in making a difference!

  • Read the Resident's Climate Action Guidebook (coming soon!) to help you understand climate change, make a climate commitment, and access programs and incentives to support building a more climate-friendly future. 
  • Measure your personal GHG emissions with the Saanich Carbon Calculator! You’ll then know where you’re starting from to help you make a plan to reduce emissions – consider setting up a friendly competition!
  • Reduce your GHG emissions:
  • Improve your resilience in climate and other emergencies by getting to know your neighbours and benefitting from the Saanich Emergency Program offers.
  • Help local ecosystems thrive and adapt – check out the Saanich Pulling Together or Naturescape programs. 
  • Sign up for the Climate Quarterly e-newsletter


(The earlier 2010 Climate Action Plan and 2011 Climate Adaptation Plan are available upon request.)