Visit Your Bank

How to pay at your bank

Visit your bank with your tax notice to make a payment. Make sure to get a receipt providing proof of on time payment.

Payments stamped after the tax due date will be subject to a 10% penalty.

Cut-off time

Each bank has a local transaction cut-off time. Ask your bank to ensure it processes payment on time.

Claim your home owner grant separately

Please note: Banks will not send your home owner grant application to Saanich. After paying, submit your home owner grant to the Municipal Hall if eligible. Submit the grant by mail, in person or online. All home owner grant applications must be received on or before the tax due date.

Need a copy of your property tax notice?

Visit the Municipal Hall in person or contact us by phone for a copy of your property tax notice.

Claim your Home Owner Grant

Remember to apply for your home owner grant each year if eligible. We must receive all home owner grant applications on or before the tax due date to avoid penalty.

Claim the grant online.