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Saanich’s Canada 150 Mosaic ~ #Grateful4Saanich

Saanich’s celebration of Canada 150 is a mosaic of the people of Saanich coming together at over fifty Saanich and Community events to celebrate their pride is Saanich. Young and old are captured in photo and on social media.

The #Grateful4Saanich project engaged Saanichites by asking them to take a photo of what they liked about Saanich and post on social media.  We introduced the Saanich Canada 150 Ambassador’s mascot Sesqui Sam with photos of him visiting his favorite sites in Saanich.  The project was so successful that we created a “hands on” component at Saanich events. Participants wrote and drew on art boards why they were #Grateful4Saanich.  No two are alike. It became very apparent from the onset how special and unique each community is.

The Saanich’s Canada 150 Mosaic show involved the display of the #Grateful4Saanich panels plus companion photographs and social media posts. The pride of Saanichites celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial will not be just a passage of time.

The next step will be to retain that pride and celebration as part of the contents of Saanich’s Canada 150 time capsule to be installed at Saanich Municipal Hall.

The time capsule was available during the Saanich’s Canada 150 Mosaic ~ #Grateful4Saanich show as well as at other locations in Saanich during the next few months. .

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Canada 150: Celebrate with Saanich

Throughout 2017, Saanich residents had the opportunity to mark the 150th anniversary of our country, along with our fellow Canadians.

Canada’s 150th anniversary provided an opportunity for us to reflect on our history, celebrate who we are today and plan for our future. Thank you for taking part in our 2017 events:

For a complete list of celebrations, please visit our events calendar. 

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