Snow and Ice Tips

Know that our crews work around the clock to make our roads safe during snow and ice season.  Your patience and co-operation go along way as we all get through these spells. Not everyone is physically able to dig out their driveway or clear their sidewalks.  Lending a hand to help a neighbour, friend or family member is a wonderful way to build positive relationships and meet your neighbours.

  • Be safe and wait to drive until weather and road conditions improve.
  • To avoid being 'snowed' in by street plowing, park your vehicles off the street and in the driveway.  This makes it much easier for our plows to get down streets. 
  • Shovel snow to the right side of your driveway (as you're facing the road) and not onto the road.  This will avoid any snow plow from blocking you in.
  • It's best to shovel early and often, failure to do so can cause all kinds of safety concerns as the snow melts, freezes over, then is covered again by fresh snow.
  • If you can't shovel the ice, apply fine gravel, salt, clay kitty litter or sand to help.
  • Be a good neighbour, friend, or family member and lend a hand to someone who isn't able shovel their own sidewalk or driveway.
  • Cyclist, be safe and use caution.  We do our best to incorporate clearing bike lanes when clearing our roads although currently we are not equipped to clear snow from any of the protected bike lanes.