Non-Medical Cannabis

Is the sale of Non-Medical (Recreational) Cannabis permitted?

Currenty, the retail sale of non-medical cannabis is prohibited in Saanich. In June 2018, Council amended the Zoning Bylaw to include the new regulations to prohibit the sale, production and distribution of recreational Cannabis in Saanich.

On March 25, 2019, Council considered options to permit the retail sales of non-medical cannabis in Saanich and directed staff to prepare Zoning Bylaw amendments for consideration.

The March 25, 2019 Report to Council can be found here [PDF - 579 KB].
Supplemental Report to Council for the September 9, 2019 Council Meeting can be found here [PDF - 2 MB].

Zoning Bylaw 8200

Section 5.2 Prohibited Uses of Land, Buildings and Structures strictly prohibits cannabis lounges, retail sales, distribution and production of recreational cannabis.

However, there are some exemptions:

  • Adults over 18 can have up to four (4) Cannabis plants per dwelling unit.
  • If you own agriculturally zoned property in Saanich and it is within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), you may be able to produce and distribute cannabis. There are additional conditions that apply. Check the Agricultural Land Commission website for more information.

The Report to Council can be found here [PDF - 461 KB].

What happens Now?

Staff received direction from Council to draft Zoning Bylaw amendments to permit the retail sales of non-medical cannabis in zones that permit the sales of liquor.

What about Medical Cannabis?

It is important to note that the medical cannabis system will continue to exist for now. Individuals who have the authorization from their healthcare practitioner will continue to have access to cannabis for medical purposes.

What about Cannabis Edibles?

The sale of cannabis edible products and concentrates are anticipated to be authorized by the Federal Government in about a year. Until then, the sale and production of edibles is still illegal under federal law.

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