Uptown-Douglas Plan

Uptown-Douglas Plan Update:

Developed from input received during a multi-year process, the proposed Uptown-Douglas Plan [PDF - 35 MB] has been endorsed by Council, in principle. The Council Agenda and Video of the meeting can be accessed here: Council Agenda and Video

The proposed Plan was presented at the Council meeting on August 10, 2020 where the recommendations of the Report were supported unanimously by Mayor and Council.  As part of the motion, an additional recommendation was added, as follows:   

Prior to a Public Hearing, Council direct staff to prepare a supplemental report to capture the feedback and recommendations form the Planning Transportation and Economic Development Advisory Committee, and the Active Transportation Advisory Committee and the Housing Task Force, and to include further clarification on the economic evaluation of the land transition of industrial, commercial and mixed-use that will be used in the Plan and incorporate Council's comments and questions from the August 10, 2020 Special Council Meeting.

Stay tuned and check back for more updates as this project continues to move forward!

Updates will be posted here once staff are ready to provide Council with the supplemental report.

The Uptown-Douglas (UD) Plan provides a 20 to 30 year vision with objectives and actions to implement the goals and policies of the Official Community Plan. The UD Plan has a focus on affordable and diverse housing, active transportation, economic vibrancy, urban design, sustainable development and climate change mitigation and resilience. 

Proposed Uptown-Douglas Plan

The UD Plan can be viewed via the links below, as either a complete Plan or as individual Plan sections:

Refinements to the Draft Uptown-Douglas Plan

The feedback collected throughout the various engagement events held during Phase 5 of the Uptown-Douglas (UD) Plan resulted in valuable refinements to the Draft Plan, including the incorporation of several enhanced land use and policy directions. Highlights of the key refinements are outlined in the Uptown-Douglas Plan: Comments Summary [PDF - 324 KB].