Community Gardens

Community Gardens Policy

We believe community gardens strengthen local sustainable agriculture. They get people involved in supporting backyard gardening.

According to Saanich Policy, a “Community Garden” is:

  • A site operated by volunteers
  • Used for the production of produce for personal use
  • A place where instructional programming may take place
  • An area where plots and services are provided to members for a fee

“Strengthen local sustainable agriculture by supporting backyard gardening and community garden initiative.”

~Official Community Plan Policy

Read our Community Garden Policy [PDF - 29 KB].

Community Gardens in Saanich

Gorge Park Community Gardens

The Gorge Park Community Gardens provides access to land for people who may not have land of their own and a place where people can produce food for their tables, meet with each other, and learn from one another.  It is located in Gorge Park. Learn more about the Park.

Agnes Street Gardens

Our Agnes Street Garden has been in continuous operation for more than 30 years.  Its gardeners rent plots for the calendar year. They also choose what garden plants they will grow. The Agnes Street Gardener’s Association manages it. 

  • Located at 613 Agnes Street (behind Glanford Park [PDF - 139 KB]).
  • About 80 plots. Some are shared.
  • It’s 90 m2 (1,000 sq. feet).
  • Visitors are welcome.

Capital City Allotment Association

These gardens have existed since the 1970s. They are

  • Located at 641 Kent Road between the Pat Bay Highway and Carey Road.
  • There are more than 140 plots. Some shared as half plots.
  • Most are 90 m2 (1,000 sq. feet).  
  • Send them an email.
  • Or visit their website.

Other Community Garden Operations

The Victoria Native Friendship Centre

A group of more than 30 volunteers recently built this garden and greenhouse.

  • It’s located at the Friendship Centre
  • They grow vegetables and fruits for the centre.
  • Some of the produce goes to families in need. It’s distributed through an emergency food fund.
  • Garden volunteers get their share too.

Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre

The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre (GVCEC) is a non-profit organization.

  • It has charitable status.
  • You’ll find them in the Fernwood.
  • They provide composting and organic gardening education to Capital Regional District residents.
  • Learn more about the GVCEC here.

Grow a Row Organization

Grow a Row distributes extra produce from local gardens to locals who can use it. 

  • Gardeners sign up.
  • Then donate a row of food from their garden.
  • It goes to local food banks and nutrition programs.
  • Grow a row yourself. Visit their website.

Saanich Programs

Seniors Garden Program

The District of Saanich manages one plot at the Capital City allotment Gardens for a Seniors Program that provides seniors with the opportunity to learn more about gardening and to grow vegetables.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities for Seniors at the Capital City Garden Allotments please refer to Saanich's Active Living Guide or call 250-475-5408.

Edible gardens in the Parks

The Parks Department plants edible plants in some of Saanich’s Parks.  These surprises in the gardens inspire people to enjoy a nibble when a crop is ready and inspires people to plant their own gardens for cultivation.