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How to Register Your Chickens

BC Premises Registration ID

A new premises ID regulation is being introduced in British Columbia. Administered through the BC Ministry for Agriculture, Food & Fisheries, the Premises ID Program gathers information about the location of animals, the types of animals at each location and how to contact individuals responsible for those animals.

Premises ID, one of the pillars of animal traceability, links poultry and livestock, including bees, to geographic locations. Premises ID is an important tool for protecting the health and safety of your animals. In the event of an emergency, Premises ID information improves our ability to rapidly notify animal owners, contain animal disease outbreaks and more effectively respond to natural disasters like floods or fires.

When the regulation comes into force in 2022, premises where poultry and other animals are kept, assembled or disposed of will need to be registered with the premises ID program.

Register online for the Premises Identification program.

Download the paper form for Premises ID.