Maps (GIS)

Saanich GIS – an information service

The Geographic Information System (GIS) map service lets you access public data through maps. We aim to provide integrated, accessible and easy-to-use map tools that will enhance and support the community. 

With the map service you can:

  • View, query, create, print and share maps and reports with others.
  • Access more than 90 layers of information. View the layers list [PDF - 26 KB].  
  • Launch the map viewer from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Our light map viewer is great for smartphones, tablets or desktop and can meet many of your mapping needs.






  • Your best experience for the full-featured GIS map service is by using Internet Explorer (Silverlight Plugin warnings may occur if using Chrome or Firefox browers as they no longer support our full featured map service.)



Map Service Features

Web-based map viewers enable powerful capabilities for searching, analyzing and sharing information. A central menu gives you easy access to commonly requested tasks like viewing the map layers, creating maps and reports, and querying features in the map. Collaborate with others by importing external data into your map or exporting information to share with others.

You can:

  • Display layers by themes like Parks and Trails, Zoning, Transportation, Utilities.

Zoning Theme

  • Find an address or a street location. 

Find an address

  • Get a detailed property information report showing lot size and location, zoning, tax levies, assessments and more.

Property Information Report

  • View underground infrastructure service details like sewer, storm and water.

GIS Map - Service plate

  • Learn about historical sites, significant trees and trail networks. 

Significant trees

  • Observe landscape change in a neighbourhood by comparing historical aerial photos dating back to 1997. 

historical aerial GIS photos