Building, Bylaw, Licensing and Legal Services

Name Title Phone Contact
Risk Management general enquiries 250-475-5455 Contact
Legal general enquiries Whitney Salvador 250-475-5494 ext 3578 Contact
Brent Reems Director of Building, Bylaw, Licensing and Legal Services 250-475-5419 Contact
Michael Hargraves Municipal Solicitor 250-475-5477 Contact
Scott Broughton Risk Manager 250-475-5494 x3420 Contact
Janet Racz Land Agent 250-475-5494 x3557 Contact
Building and Plumbing general enquiries 250-475-5457 Contact
Inspections Services Fax Fax number: 250-475-5418
Inspections Bookings 250-475-5458 Contact
Graham Barbour Manager of Inspections Services 250-475-5562 Contact
Bylaw Enforcement 250-475-5456 Contact
Business Licensing 250-475-5401 Contact
Lands General Inquiries Janet Racz 250-475-5494 x3557 Contact