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Saanich Fire Department


Fire Danger Rating is Extreme

The fire risk is very serious with the potential for new fires to start easily, spread rapidly, and challenge fire suppression efforts.

The Saanich Fire Department is requesting everyone’s help to prevent fires and ensure an enjoyable, safe summer.

"We're asking people to exercise caution wherever they are. In these dry conditions, unintended fires can happen at home, at the beach and in our parks and trails," says Michael Burgess, Saanich Fire Chief. “Smokers must be very careful about cigarettes and not toss them away.”

Many areas in Saanich are experiencing very dry conditions and grass fires are a major concern. Saanich Fire Department recommends that people exercise caution and ensure dry, flammable materials are cleared away from houses and if barbecues are used, to move them away from areas that may catch fire if an accident occurs.

“As we have seen with recent incidents, grass fires can cause serious damage and spread quickly if a wind picks up. Fires that get out of control can quickly engulf buildings and spread to neighbouring property or forested areas.”

The Saanich Fire Department is committed to keeping our community safe and part of that mandate is ensuring burning only occurs when conditions are appropriate.

  • Beach fires are not permitted at any location in Saanich.
  • Opening burning is not permitted.
  • Burning wood in an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, pizza oven or chiminea is not permitted.

Everyone can help prevent fires during the summer months by:

  • Making sure smoking materials are completely extinguished and disposed of properly.
  • Properly supervising barbeques when in use, keeping them a safe distance from buildings and turning them off when not in use.
  • Using spark arrestors on equipment and machinery.
  • Safely disposing of bottles and broken glass to avoid magnifying the sun’s rays and accidentally starting fires.
  • Teaching children fire safety.

Taking a few simple fire safety precautions can ensure that we all experience a safe and enjoyable summer season.

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Message from the Fire Chief


With pride and dedication, the Saanich Fire Department provides the highest quality service for our community by protecting and preserving life, property and the environment.

We work to make Saanich a safe community for all citizens.

--Fire Chief Michael Burgess


About Us

Saanich Fire Department includes 121 uniformed members and seven support staff working out of three fire stations. We respond to more than 4,100 emergency incidents including:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Medical Response
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Land and Marine Rescue
  • Mutual Aid Requests
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Public Service Requests

Fire dispatch services, including emergency and non-emergency call receiving, processing and dispatching, are provided to seven client municipalities in the Capital Region.

Saanich Fire performs fire safety inspections and provides fire apparatus, mechanical and high angle rescue services. We also participate on the regional Hazardous Materials Response Team.

Saanich's Emergency Program is administered by Saanich Fire and provides citizens with a response strategy for emergencies, major emergencies and disasters. Saanich's emergency plan is updated regularly and staff trained and ready to respond should a major emergency or disaster unfold.

Along with providing emergency response services, we provide fire prevention and life-safety education. Every year we visit Saanich schools to teach fire safety and how to keep fires from starting.

We provide a wide variety of safety programs for children, seniors, businesses and our community. Some of the programs we teach are: Seniors Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher Training and Smoke Alarm Replacement.

Mission, Vision and Values

Read about our mission, vision and values.


The Saanich Fire Department consists of seven divisions:


The Saanich Fire Department was established in 1919.

In 1917, due to pressures from citizens desirous of better fire protection, Council rented a building for $7.50 per month and purchased 1,000 feet of fire hose. Although the building had no electricity, it was still considered adequate for Saanich’s fire station. In 1919, the building was wired and the building was inaugurated in March with John G. Little appointed “Fireman in Charge”. During this period, Saanich had 170 fire hydrants and one fire truck [read more...].






Last modified: August 10, 2015