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Graffiti Removal

In Saanich, we remove graffiti from Saanich infrastructure on a “first come, first served” basis, unless the graffiti contains profanity, obscene graphics or hate-based comments, in which case crews will respond as quickly as possible to remove.

Saanich works cooperatively with police, school groups and volunteers to eradicate graffiti in our community.

Effective Ways to Deal with Graffiti

Graffiti is not art. Graffiti is an act of vandalism involving painting, drawing, scribbling, or “tagging” on any surface without the permission of the property owner.

We need your help to deal effectively with graffiti. The faster graffiti is reported and removed, the less likely it is to spread or re-appear. If you witness any form of graffiti vandalism in progress, please call 911 immediately and report the crime to the police.

When you see graffiti in Saanich you are encouraged to report it by calling:

Department Contact details Description
Saanich Public Works 250-475-5599
Saanich traffic sign, road structure, garbage container, bus shelter without advertising, or any other obvious municipal structure
Saanich Parks 250-475-5522
Saanich parks sign, trail marker or other structure within a Saanich Park
Canada Post 1-800-267-1177
Canada Post box
BC Hydro

BC Hydro box or structure
Telus 250-388-8617
Telus box or structure

Pattison Outdoor

Bus Shelters with advertising

Join Block Watch

Saanich Police strongly encourage Block Watch groups to get involved and report any graffiti in your neighbourhood to the associated number listed above.

For information on Block Watch


Saanich Police
Block Watch Office
Follow Block Watch on Twitter @SaanichBlkWatch

If you have observed a crime, or a crime has occurred to you or your property, contact police immediately, not the Block Watch office. Call 911 in an emergency or 250-475 4321 for a non-emergency or if the crime has already occurred or is non-life threatening.

Property Crime Statistics

Last modified: September 09, 2014