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Garbage Guidelines - Residential


Contact Information

Saanich Solid Waste
Phone: 250-475-5595
Direct Email

Residential 'Blue Box' Recycling Schedule
Capital Regional District
Phone: 250-360-3030

Organics Recycling & Garbage Schedules (residential)
Phone 250-475-5595, email us or use the instant online lookup

Litter Control
Municipal bins and bus stops
Phone: 250-475-5595

Recycling Directory
Find out what, how and where items can be recycled as well as convenient facility locations in the Capital Region

Composting Information
Victoria Compost Education Centre
Phone: 250-386-9676

Hartland Landfill & Recycling Facility
garbage, garden waste, recycling, reusables, and hazardous waste

Commercial Pickup

It is estimated that 30% of garbage collected from Saanich residents will be diverted from the Hartland landfill through our kitchen scraps recycling program. As an added bonus, yard trimmings can also be added to the Organics Recycling cart. You can help make this pickup safer and more efficient if you follow some general guidelines.

Frequency -- Organics Recycling and Garbage waste are collected separately on the same day once every 2 weeks.

Curbside Cart Placement --Residents are required to bring their carts curbside by 7am on their collection day. Placement is very important as the truck's mechanical arm needs room to pick up and empty your carts. Ensure you leave space all around your carts without impeding travel lanes (sidewalks, cycling lane or the roadway) and away from obstacles such as cars, poles, and utility boxes. Below are examples of proper cart placement:


Please stay within limits. Residents can choose the size of carts that would best meet their household needs. Saanich will provide households with two wheeled regulation carts, one for organics recycling and one for garbage. All material must fit inside the carts with the lids closed free of obstruction.

Cart sizes and fees

Kitchen Waste Bags. Only certified compostable bags will be accepted. Plastic or biodegradable bags shall not be used to dispose of kitchen scraps or collect your Organics Recycling. No non-compostable items shall be placed in the organics recycling cart.

Compostable symbolCanadian Compostable Logo

Bag loose material. To help prevent litter blowing around, please bag loose material in your Garbage Cart. Extra care should be taken with sawdust, kitty litter, and vacuum cleaner dust.

Wrap sharp objects. Please ensure all sharp objects are wrapped safely. Broken glass and hypodermic needles must be in a puncture proof container.

Keep collection area clean. Please keep your collection area clean and accessible, and clear snow and ice if required.

Keep the collection area accessible. Carts must be curbside by 7:00am, spaced at least 1 meter apart on all sides and free from any obstacles.

Hazardous waste, including excreta, liquids, tires, drywall, metals, animal bodies or parts and hypodermic needles (unless in a puncture proof container) will NOT be accepted.

CRD 'Blue Box" recyclables will NOT be accepted (i.e., glass, tin, non-food soiled newsprint, non-food soiled cardboard, etc.).

Special Pick Up Service
Extra garbage or yard trimmings (not co-mingled with kitchen scraps) pick up (non-recyclable items) will be collected on a call in basis. The cost is $50 per cubic metre (minimum $50) and is for residential use only. To arrange for a special pickup call 250-475-5595.

Extra Garbage and Stickers
Extra bags of garbage will be collected with a proof of payment sticker, issued by the Corporation, affixed to the bag. Each extra bag of garbage shall not exceed 25kg. Residential stickers are currently $3 per bag and bags can be placed curbside with your regulation cart for collection. Stickers only apply extra garbage and not to extra organic recycling. Stickers can be purchased at the Saanich Municipal Hall, Saanich Public Works Yard or any of the Saanich Recreation Centres.

Extra Yard Trimmings
Residents can use the Public Works Garden Recycling Drop-Off (1040 McKenzie Avenue) to dispose of excess Yard Trimmings. No kitchen waste or co-mingled Yard Trimmings will be accepted. Commercial use is prohibited.

Paint Cans
Effective July 1, 2012 paint cans were no longer accepted at the Public Works Yard.  Paint recycling depots are located at the Hartland Recycling Facility (#1 Hartland Rd, Victoria), Ellice Recycle (516 David St, Victoria), Baywest Hardware (220 Bay St, Victoria), Rona Home & Garden (850 Langford Pkwy, Langford) and Alpine Disposal and Recycling (1045 Dunford Ave, Langford).  Check the BC Product Stewardship Program for additional information for recycling paint and other household hazardous waste (

Garbage Drop-Off
For disposal of extra garbage, please go to Hartland Landfill at #1 Hartland Avenue, (turn left off West Saanich Road) or Ellice Recycle at 524 David Street.

BC’s Return-It Electronics Program
To support BC’s Return-It Electronics Program, Saanich will be restricting the following items from the residential collection stream and the Saturday garbage drop-off: desktop computers, computer monitors, notebook computers, televisions, desktop printers and fax machines. For further drop-off location information, please visit or

Litter Control Program
Solid Waste Services Litter Control Program operates year round. This program is responsible for the cleaning and the maintenance of 98 bus shelters, as well this program empties the municipality’s 310 litter bins.

A large part of the program’s responsibility is the clean up of illegal dumping. This takes the form of roadside litter and the pick up of large abandoned materials. 

If you see a bus shelter that is damaged or in need of cleaning, a litter bin, or an area that needs litter cleaned up, please call us at 250-475-5595.


Last modified: April 11, 2016