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Craigflower Bridge and Admirals Road

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Saanich and View Royal are preparing to replace the 79 year old Craigflower Bridge and approach roads using funding from the federal Gas Tax Fund. A grant for $10,775,000 has been obtained for this project.

Rendition of New Craigflower Bridge

Construction is planned for the summer of 2013 finishing in late Fall. The bridge will be closed during construction. The Municipalities will work with the selected contractor to provide pedestrian and cycling access across the Gorge Waterway at least during the school year. Confirmation that this objective is practical will not be available until the Spring of 2013 when a contractor is selected.

Saanich will take advantage of the bridge closure and resulting low traffic volumes to replace an aging sewer under Gorge Road between Admirals Road and Tillicum Road.

At this time the project team anticipates a project start date of June 1st, 2013 with active construction in the waterway in early July. The project team is working with external agencies to receive the required approvals in time for this start date.

Admirals Corridor Upgrade - Schedule
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The Old Craigflower Bridge

Craigflower Bridge 1933 Construction The bridge was constructed in 1933 and remains substantially unchanged from that date. It is a timber trestle with 20 spans and the length of 116 metres and a width of 8.5 metres.
Craigflower Bridge - Narrow Pedestrian Sidewalk The bridge deck consists of two 3.35 metre travel lanes, very narrow sidewalks on each side (0.9 metres in width) and no provision for bicycles.
Craigflower Bridge - Cracks in Pavement on Bridge Deck

The bridge was designed when trucks were very much lighter than today. In the thirties, trucks might be 18 tonnes, while today they can easily be twice that heavy.

Craigflower Bridge - Rusted Railings The deck and sidewalks are reinforced concrete, supported by timber stringers on a timber piled sub-structure.
Craigflower Bridge Piles The bridge shows some damage consistent with overloading and a few piles and pile caps have begun to rot.

Our Neighbours

The bridge connects two National Historic Sites:

Craigflower School

Craigflower School Building

The Craigflower School (1855), the oldest schoolhouse in Western Canada,and the Craigflower Manor (1856), the third oldest house in British Columbia.

Craigflower Manor - Exterior

Craigflower Manor - Interior

The new bridge is intended to tie the two historic sites together, to support a wildlife viewing platform. The waterway has a herring fishery each Spring. Fishers have used the bridge throughout its existence.

Fishing off the Craigflower Bridge

Fishing off the Craigflower Bridge.



Last modified: March 05, 2014