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Engineering Specifications

Schedule H to Subdivision Bylaw 7452

On March 9, 2004, Saanich Council adopted a revised Engineering Specifications, Schedule H to Subdivision Bylaw 7452.

Subdivision Bylaw 7452 pdf regulates the level of services to be provided in new developments. Schedule H - the Engineering Specifications, applies to the design and installation of sanitary sewers, storm drains, waterworks, roadways, sidewalks, street lighting, and other works and services within and servicing new fee-simple subdivisions in the Municipality, and within Municipal road allowances, municipal rights of way or municipal properties.

The main reason for the revision was to incorporate the Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) into the Engineering Specifications, to regulate construction.

Copies of the Engineering Specifications are available from the Engineering Department at a cost of $10 (+ GST), and copies of individual sections and drawings are also available for download (see below).

List of Engineering code specifications (in pdf format)


Part 1 Development Procedures

Part 2 - Design Specifications

Part 3 - Construction Specifications

Part 4 - Appendix

Last modified: January 27, 2015