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Parks and Trails Guide

Our parks are unique for their ecological diversity and leisure potential. Whether you walk, ride or jog along the many trails, there is much to see and explore.

  • some trails lead to spectacular ocean views
  • some guide you through ancient forests
  • others provide commuter connections linking neighbourhoods by offering safe, quiet alternative routes through the community.

Native and non-native trees, shrubs and wildflowers abound and the variety of birds, butterflies and animals reminds us that trails aid in preserving ecosystems and provide important habitat for these species. Many trails connect us with the rural and cultural heritage of Saanich, bridging the past, the present and the future.

Saanich Trail Maps

Hard copies of the Saanich Parks and Trail guide are available at Saanich Parks office, the Municipal Hall and all Saanich Recreation Centres.

CRD Regional Parks & Trails

  • The Capital Regional District has links to many other local parks and trail systems in the region.
  • The CRD User-Friendly Trails GuidePDF is another great resource for trail systems across the Victoria area.


Last modified: October 30, 2015