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Cadboro-Gyro Park

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Open House Survey

Project Update - December 15, 2015

  • Parking lot now open!
  • Some final work on the new gates and landscaping still in progress.

Project Update - December 4, 2015

  • Drainage work is complete and the pump is on line
    • Operational adjustments to the pump will be made over the next few rain events to determine optimal settings
  • The parking lot is nearing completion, and will be formally open for public use after Friday December 11
  • Park areas impacted by construction will be restored in the spring

Project Update - October 29, 2015

  • parking lot and drainage work continuing
    • we are using a new gravel cell parking construction technique
    • anticipated completion of this stage is the first week of December
  • temporary parking lot closed due to rainy conditions
  • parking being made available off Penrhyn Street during this stage of construction:
    • this will have gravel laid
    • please limit parking to two hours
    • the Penrhyn Street gate will be opened for this temporary parking access
  • Spring 2016 will see the re-landscaping of affected areas of the park:
    • temporary parking area
    • wood chips
    • fill piles
    Drainage Materials Under Parking Lot   Drainage Materials Being Installed in Parking Lot

Project Update - August 27, 2015

  • the temporary parking lot is in place
  • work underway to ensure all underground utilities will work with the new parking lot grading

Project Update - July 15, 2015

We have additional work slated to happen at Cadboro-Gyro Park this summer:

  • improvements to parking lot drainage and surface
  • pathway resurfacing from the washroom building to the park entrance at Sinclair
  • drainage improvements in some of the grassy areas off Penrhyn 
  • new interpretive signage featuring historical aspects of the park

Crews will be on site from late July to the end of October; however, this schedule is dependent on issues such as weather and ground conditions and may be subject to change.  Notification signage will be installed in the park prior to the start of work.  Installation interpretive signs will follow later. A letter to residents living near the park was sent to let you know what is going on.

Cadboro Gyro Temporary Parking LotThe work will involve some machinery and truck movement to and from the park on neighbouring streets. The main parking lot will be closed during construction - but a temporary parking area will be provided.  You will be able to enter the parking lot still off Sinclair, but by going left at the entrance to the park - it will be clear where to go!

Public access to the majority of the park will be provided at all times and on-site workers will assist the public around the work areas during working hours.




Project Update - September 12, 2014

The playground is open!!  There is still much to do before the remaining construction fencing comes down but you can access the playground from two locations nearest the beach.  There may be times where the playground will be closed for short periods of time but will re-open each afternoon.  Irrigation and water service upgrades are continuing and final grading and seeding of the lawn areas will be completed soon.  The decorative paving is well underway and the compass design is taking shape.  We look forward to full completion of the project in the next few weeks.

CG1   CG2  CG3

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Project Update - August 7, 2014

The playground is starting to come together. The new swing structure can be seen next to the relocated Octopus. The sea creatures and ship wreck "debris" have arrived and ready to be placed in the new play area. The end of the zip line is seen nearest the washroom building. Most of the decorative logs and rocks are now in place.

playground construction  Playground construction 3  More Playground Construction  Another construction photo

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Project Update - July 31, 2014

Following further design review, the main pathway leading to the Promenade has been adjusted from 5m (16.25 ft) to 3.7m (12 ft).

Cadboro-Gyro Park Playground and Pathway Design (July 31/14)

Project Update - July 25, 2014

The Playground and Pathway Design has recently been updated and it now illustrates the decorative treatment for the pathways and promenade.  

Cadboro-Gyro Park Playground and Pathway Design

Project Update - July 17, 2014

July 17 Update: The playground and pathways are starting to take shape. Most of the new playground equipment has arrived and installation will begin shortly. There are many other tasks that still need to be done such as creating the group picnic areas with new furniture, placing boulders, installing the irrigation system and landscaping for the new lawn areas.

Cadboro Gyro  Cadboro Gyro  Cadboro Gyro

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Project Update - June 27, 2014

June 27 Update: The big red Octopus was successfully moved this morning into its new home at the Cadboro-Gyro Park.
The 15 tonne iconic structure was moved 17 m to cluster the play equipment as part of the repair/replacement plans that include accessibility upgrades.
Thanks to the Parks planning/design & construction staff plus the good folks from Built-Rite/Level Lift for helping to move the Big Red Oc safely & successfully.

Octopus Image 1

Octopus 3

Octopus 2

Project Update - May 30, 2104

May 30 Update: The Salmon has been moved to its new permanent home a little closer to the water and along with the Swings and Slide are NOW open to use!! The Ship will remain closed for another few weeks as we install a new railing and ramp connection to the main pathway. Earthworks to prepare the site for the new playground and walkway have been in progress for a few weeks now. Next steps will see the installation of gravel fills and geogrid mats to add stability to the site.  

Crane Moving Concrete Salmon Cadboro_Gyro Preparign Main Walkway

Project Start-up - April 24, 2014

Saanich Parks is pleased to inform you that work to upgrade the playground and associated drainage in Cadboro-Gyro Park is scheduled to begin the week of April 28th and continue into late summer/early fall. Other improvements will include enhanced accessibility with new pathways, furnishings, ramps, special mats and surface materials. 

Cadboro-Gyro Park Playground and Pathway Design


  • Work to upgrade the playground and associated drainage in Cadboro-Gyro Park is scheduled to begin the week of April 28th and continue into late summer/early fall.
  • Other improvements will include enhanced accessibility with new pathways, furnishings, ramps, special beach mats and surface materials. 
  • These improvements are key components of the 2012 Provincial Community Recreation Grant Program which will fund 50% of the work. Total project budget is $675,000. The terms of the grant require projects to be completed by the end of March, 2015.
  • Parks construction crews and private contractors are expected to be at the park from the end of April to early October. Weather and ground conditions may affect this schedule.Construction will involve some machinery and truck movement to and from the park on neighbouring streets.
  • Some limited parts of the play area near the beach will remain open and public access to the beach will be provided at all times throughout the summer.
  • Onsite workers will assist the public around the construction areas during working hours, please use extra caution when visiting the park this summer.
  • The Cadboro Bay Residents Association were recently given a presentation by Parks Planning staff and are supportive of the project.
  • Area residents and businesses will be informed of the impending work in writing.
  • Construction notification signs will be posted in the park and local streets.

Concept Plan History - November 2013

Since 2009 an extensive planning and public engagement process has been undertaken by Parks. This process included several public open houses, many community and staff meetings, presentations, a facilitated workshop and several surveys. The public engagement and planning phase of the project is now complete.

From the June 2013 Open House; we received almost 250 survey responses. Support for the three concept plans was mixed and not sufficient to move forward with certainty. Further, the CBRA provided a formal response which was element based not concept based. As a result, no overall preferred plan has emerged from the planning process. While this is disappointing there is strong general support for some key elements. These elements included accessibility and pathway improvements, enhanced playground, drainage improvements; and the retention of the two tennis courts.

The accessibility, playground and some drainage improvements are part of the scope of work within the $675,000 project approved in the 2012 Provincial Community Recreation Grant. The grant requires projects to be completed the end of March, 2015. Parks Staff will commence working on detail design for these elements for a 2014 construction program. As part of our ongoing commitment to public participation we will provide more information through project notifications in advance of the actual construction.

Other park improvements will be considered in the future based on available funding. These projects would be subject to a separate planning process at that time.

Accessibility Improvements - August 29, 2013Accessibility Beach Mats

The Cadboro-Gyro Park planning process has identified a number of accessibility improvements.

In the fall of 2011, Mayor Leonard highlighted the importance he places on accessibility. The first of the planned improvements is now complete.

Community Recreation Grant (2012) – 50% $337,500 from Province 50% from Saanich for total of $675,000

  • One of the goals of the project was to provide accessibility improvements to the promenade to allow persons with mobility issues to fully experience the beach/water.
  • The other part of the project will be a new inclusive playground.

Accessibility Improvements to date:Accessibility

  • Concrete ramp to the beach including seasonal mats to be placed on the soft sand.
    • approximate cost $20,000
    • presented at open house in June 2013 and received overwhelming support

    Accessibility Improvements to come:

    • asphalt surfacing for the main pathway from the washroom building to the beach
    • replacement of picnic tables to tables that are accessible and concrete walkways to those tables
    • replacement of railings and ramp on the ship to make the ship's deck accessible

    Public Open House -June 19, 2013

    Saanich Parks and Recreation hosted a Public Open House June 19, 2013 to view and comment on the options that were prepared for this community park.

    If yo uwere unable to attend this event you can still view the display panels presented. The online survey is now closed. Results of the survey will be posted in the near future.

    June 19, 2013 Open House Information

    Fact Sheet Cadboro Gyro
    Why a Plan 1 Cadboro Gyro
    Why a Plan 2 Cadboro Gyro
    Accessibility Panel Cadboro Gyro
    Process Board Cadboro Gyro
    Concept A - "S-Curve" Cadboro Gyro
    Concept B - "Wavy Walk" Cadboro Gyro
    Concept C - "Arrow" Cadboro Gyro

    Feedback Survey Results Cadboro Gyro


    Cadboro-Gyro Park is a unique Saanich asset and well loved by our community and the region but is in need of focused direction for future enhancements.

    Saanich Parks together with LADR Landscape Architects consulting team and the Cadboro Bay Residents Association have been working on revising the comprehensive masterplan for Cadboro-Gyro Park.

    The results of the open houses coupled with the ideas generated at the workshop revealed a few common themes and since then, a number of options for future improvements have been developed.

    Cadboro Gyro Workshop

    On Saturday, March 16th Saanich Parks hosted a facilitated workshop at the Cedar Hill Golf Clubhouse to engage community members. Key stakeholders from the earlier park planning process joineda fewmembers from the Cadboro Bay Residents Association,the association'spark sub-committee, Saanich Park Planners and consultants forthe all day session which was lead by an experienced facilitator. The intent was to revisit the current park concept plan to determine if there were ways to improve upon it and get the planning and design process moving forward. The results of the workshop are summarized in the attached document

    Planning Process Overview 2012

    Previous Public Open Houses

    As we want to recognize the park’s unique character that is well loved by our community and the region, we want to make sure we have the desired outcome for future enhancements in the park. The park has many challenges and is being reviewed in light of current conditions and community needs, so that it can continue to be a vibrant waterfront park in Saanich for many years.

    March 2, 2011 Open House

    June 17, 2010 Open House

    2009 Park Use Survey

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