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Dogs in Parks

Further Information

  • Enforcement: please contact Saanich Pound at 250-475-4321
  • Parks: please contact Saanich Parks at

Saanich recognizes dogs as an important part of families. 

To ensure the safe enjoyment of our parks we request pet owners clean up after their pets and observe the pet regulations.

We appreciate the efforts of all the responsible dog owners visiting our parks!

General Restriction

Dogs are not to run at large or be in any public place, unless the dog is under the effective control of a competent person, or is confined by a leash or chain.

Leash Requirement

Dogs must be confined by a leash or chain in the following areas:

  • school grounds
  • within a 10 metre (32.8 feet) radius of any playground equipment in a Municipal or Regional Park
  • the Royal Oak Burial Park
  • lands known as the Lochside Trail within the Blenkinsop Lake area
  • any trail located in Cedar Hill Park.


Dogs are restricted at all times from the following areas:

  • Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary
  • Quick’s Bottom Park
  • Rithet’s Bog conservation area EXCEPT on the perimeter trail, provided the dog is confined by a leash or chain.
  • Within a 50 metre (164 feet) radius of Kings Pond at Cedar Hill Park, EXCEPT on that part of the perimeter trail within 50 metres of Kings Pond, provided the dog is securely confined by a leash or chain

Seasonal Restrictions

  1. Dogs are not to be in any of the following areas from May 1 to August 31:
    • Cadboro Bay/Cadboro-Gyro Park and the public beach at Cadboro Bay lying between the easterly boundary of Cadboro-Gyro Park and the boundary of the Municipality of Oak Bay, EXCEPT before 9:00 a.m. on any day;
    • Whitehead Park;
    • Cordova Bay Beach area lying between the southerly boundary of Cordova Bay Park and the northerly boundary of the Walema Avenue right-of-way, EXCEPT before 9:00 a.m. on any day;
    • Mount Douglas Park beach and that part of Mount Douglas Park bounded by Cordova Bay Road, Ash Road, Douglas Creek, the natural boundary of the ocean and the northwesterly boundary of the park, EXCEPT the asphalt road surface lying to the northwest of the picnic area between the two gates.
  2. Dogs are not allowed in a fenced baseball field from March 1 to October 31.

Canine Faeces

Owners are required to clean up after their pets.

Working and Service Dog Exemption

Working and service dogs are exempt.

These excerpts have been adapted from the Animals bylaw as it pertains to dogs in Parks.  For complete official wording of the Animals bylawPDF.

Last modified: October 01, 2014