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Pulling Together Volunteer Program

View of Cadboro Bay

Saanich is working to provide volunteer opportunities and partnerships to protect and restore natural areas.

Pulling Together Volunteers

Saanich's Pulling Together Volunteer Program supports volunteer efforts to remove invasive plants and restore ecosystems. Pulling Together supports community groups working on public lands (primarily right-of-ways and park natural areas) by providing start-up training, on-going ecological advice, restoration plan guidance, staff and equipment for selected work parties, plant debris removal, and annual training and recognition events. Occasionally, Saanich volunteers work on private property to control high-priority invasive plant outbreaks.  Saanich Parks and Saanich Environmental Services work together to actively support volunteer efforts.



Why volunteer?

  • Volunteers are integral to invasive plants management and restoration efforts in Saanich.
  • Meet people!  Rewarding results!  Help the environment!  Make a difference in your community! Learn techniques and new ideas! You are needed!

Pulling Together Volunteer Program

Key Contacts

Natural Areas Technician - Andrew Burger 250-475-5541
Coordinator of Volunteers  - Jenny Eastman


Pulling Together Volunteer Program Calendar


Last modified: April 12, 2016