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Older Adults

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Parks and Recreation Older Adults Strategy

Your Vision, Your Community, Imagine The Possibilities!

Over the next 12 months,, Saanich Parks & Recreation will be developing a new Older Adults strategy.   The new strategy will provide Parks & Recreation with a five year plan for the years 2018-2022 to best meet the needs of Older Adults. Public engagements are being held soon and we want your input  Older Adult Strategy Public EngagementPDF  Just call Julie Wallace anytime you have any questions at all and she'll be happy to chat with you (250) 475-5408.

Saanich Active Aging Vision

Our vision is for a community where people can live healthy and active lives well into their senior years; where older people are valued for their skills and life experiences and where they participate in the community in ways that they choose. Saanich will be a positive place in which to age and encourage participation in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Older Adult Recreation Programs

Saanich Parks & Recreation Active Living Guides include older adults programs within the regular adult program section. To determine if a program is at a level for you note the hearts beside the title. 

The hearts indicate the intensity level of a class

  Low intensity
  Moderate intensity
  High intensity

Programs that are specifically for older adults are noted with age requirements in the title. For program suggestions, feedback or comments please feel free to contact Julie  Wallace in Community Services, 250-475-5408

See our current Active Living Guide for details on any of the following:

Partners In Recreation

The Municipality continues to work with local partners to deliver social and recreational opportunities to our older citizens and to provide avenues for community participation. For more information on the services provided by our partners please visit the following links:

Social Drop-in Times FREE

Enjoy a relaxed social atmosphere, some music, visit friends, play table tennis, cards or billiards.  Coffee & tea available.

Commonwealth Place
Upside Teen Lounge

Thursdays 1:30 - 4:30 pm


Enjoy a relaxed social atmosphere, some music, visit friends, play table tennis, cards or billiards. Coffee & tea available.

Pearkes Recreation Centre
Flipside Teen Lounge

includes organized Table Tennis games
Tuesdays  10 - noon
Thursdays  10 - noon

Last modified: May 19, 2016