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Community Associations

Saanich residents in a number of areas within the Municipality have formed Community Associations. Most of the Associations were formed as the direct result of land use and planning proposals in a particular neighbourhood. These Associations are therefore primarily interested in land use issues but many involve themselves in a number of areas. Some of the most active groups provide input to Council and staff on items of interest to them on a continuous basis. Members of Associations often seek representation on advisory committees.

There are also several Community Groups and Organizations that have an interest in specific Saanich parks such as the Friends of Mount Douglas Park and the Mt. Tolmie Conservancy Association. These groups work closely with the Parks and Recreation Department and Council on the maintenance and development of a particular park.

For contact information please see map index below.  To have a complete list of community associations, groups and organizations mailed or faxed to you, please phone us at (250) 475-1775 or e-mail us at

Community Associations Map

1 Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs
Anthony Minniti, President
Phone:  (250) 727-6560
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10 Quadra/Cedar Hill Community Association
John Schmuck, President
Phone:  (250) 384-5190
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Falaise Community Association
Franca LaBella,  President
Phone:  (250) 658-1113

11 Rainbow Park Ratepayers Association
Larry Bomford, Chairperson
Phone:  (250) 727-0226
3 Broadmead Area Residents Association
Jim Griffith, President
Phone:  (250) 592-9974
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12 Mount View Colquitz Community Association
Susan Belford, President
Phone: (250)508-6233
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Area within both the Broadmead Area Residents Association and Blenkinsop Valley Community Association

13 Gorge Tillicum Community Association
Rob Wickson , President
Phone:  (250) 383-9241
Please visit our web site
5 Blenkinsop Valley Community Association
Barry Loucks
Phone: (250-477-8539)
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14 Portage Inlet Sanctuary Colquitz Estuary Society (PISCES)
George Blogg, President
Phone: (250) 479-1877
6 Gordon Head Residents' Association
Paul McKivett, President
Phone: (250) 477-3806
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Residents Association of Strawberry Vale, Marigold and Glanford
Marlene Todd, Acting President, Phone: 250-727-0768
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7 Cadboro Bay Residents Association
Jonathan Stoppi, Chair
Phone: (250) 590-3299
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16 North Quadra Land Use Protection Association
Haji Charania,  President
Phone:  (250) 479-8072
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8 Mount Tolmie Community Association
Marlene Bergstrom, President
Phone:  (250) 472-2246
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17 Royal Oak Community Association
Paul Whitworth, President
Phone:  (250) 479-8975
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Camosun Community Association
Caleb Horn, Acting President
Phone: (250) 595-8924
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Prospect Lake and District Community Association
Greg Boyle, Chair
C. Hamilton, Communications  Secretary
Phone: (250) 474-1023
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Community Groups and Organizations

Last modified: February 03, 2015