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Business Licences

General Information

The Business Licence Bylaw requires that all businesses operating in Saanich be in possession of a valid Saanich Business Licence or a valid Intermunicipal Business Licence. This requirement applies to all commercial, industrial, home based and non-resident businesses operating within the municipality.

Complete the Business Licence Application Form PDF document and remit to the address, fax, or email address below. Business Licence application forms are also available at the Saanich Municipal Hall. If you are applying for a home-based licence, please read the requirements first.

A Business Licence application takes approximately 10 business days to process, as a number of departments (planning, inspections, fire) must review an application before a business licence can be issued. The Capital Regional District, and Provincial and Federal governments may also have additional requirements that must be met before a business can legally operate.

Here are guidelines for successfully preparing for a Fire Inspection PDF document.

Approval is required when the use of a business premise is changed, a property is developed, or building additions are undertaken, in order to ensure compliance with bylaws and regulations.

Changes to your Business Licence

If you have a change of address, change of name, or change of ownership, please fill out the Business Licence Application Form (above) with the new changes.

If you receive a Business Licence Renewal Invoice but your business has ceased to operate, please sign and return the invoice, stating "CLOSED", or contact the District of Saanich at 250-475-5401.

Annual Fees

Fees for each business category are set out below. For business commencing operation after July 31, the fees are reduced by 50%.

BUSINESS LICENCE BYLAW No. 8213, 2002 Schedule "A" - Business Categories and Fees
Category Licence Fee
1 Home Crafts * $50.00
2 Intermunicipal $100.00
3 Commercial - Small (464.5 sq. metres) (5,000 sq. feet) or less of gross floor area of buildings used for business $100.00
4 Commercial - Large (more than 464.5 sq. metres) (5,000 sq. feet) of gross floor area of buildings used for business $200.00
5 Non-Resident $100.00
6 Daily - per day (trade shows, exhibitions) $25.00

*"Home Crafts" as .. "a business carried on as a home occupation use within a residence in which articles are made by hand, including jewelry, dolls, wood crafts, stuffed animals, holiday art, toys, greeting cards, candles, soap, flower arranging, and clothing."

Business licences may be transferred from one location to another for the same business, free of charge. A business licence is not transferable from one business to another business.

For further information please contact:

Corporation of the District of Saanich
Business Licence Section
Telephone: 475-5401 Fax: 475-5429
E-mail to:

Last modified: February 12, 2015