Rainbow Park Playground Replacement

View of Rainbow Park playground equipment before proposed updates for 2018.

Have you ever visited Rainbow Park [PDF - 178 KB]? It is located south of McKenzie Avenue next to the McKenzie Pat Bay Highway interchange. This small neighbourhood park features open green space, a playground, a sportcourt (with half basketball and half hockey) and access to the Douglas Street Multi-use Connector Trail along the western edge of the park.

The Park is Open!

 Rainbow Park is officially open with the playground complete, pathways paved, drainage and furniture installed. Additionally the sport court has lines painted for future basketball and hockey games. Still to come - fencing for the hockey nets on the sport court, tree planting, and grass seeding.

 Enjoy the new natural play pathway and the vertical climbing elements for the 5-12 playground. The 2-5 playground provides two different types of slides, including a roller slide. Accessible ramps provide access to each play area with a universal swing and transfer stations on the 2-5 playground.

Work on Rainbow Park

Our crews are hard at work in Rainbow Park to update the play equipment and sport court! Looking for somewhere else to play? Check out nearby Tolmie or Glanford Parks. We aim to open Rainbow Park again by the end of July. Rainbow Park Play Equipment Installation as of June 15, 2018

Thank you to those residents who took the time to provide additional comments on the proposed playground at Rainbow Park. We received some positive feedback and some requests that we cannot accommodate due to budget and site constraints.

The playground replacement project includes new play equipment with some accessible play features, accessible ramps into the playground and accessible wood chip safety surfacing. We will also create a natural play area with gravel trail and log stumps and boulders. Additional park upgrades include an enlarged sportcourt with hockey nets at one end and basketball hoops at the other, drainage and pathway improvements, and tree planting.

To keep the work site safe and secure, we will close the main park areas during construction. 

Check out the new playground equipment!

Playground View 1
Playground View 2