Copley West Park - Football Field

Copley West Park Football Field Renovation

Saanich Parks together with the Victoria Minor Football Club is working on renovations for the Football Field at Copley West Park.  We will close the majority of the field during construction but the remainder of the park will be open. The area under construction will have fencing around it. Works starts mid-February 2018.

About Copley Park Updates

The football field at Copley West Park has not seen significant improvements for many years. The drain system has failed, and the lamp-posts which supported the substandard lighting were so rusted they were removed March 2017. In addition, the Colquitz River Trail from Carey Road to Vanalman Avenue is over-grown with vegetation.

Aerial View of Current Football Field at Copley West ParkThe scope of work to be undertaken includes stripping and grading the field, installing new goal posts, irrigation and drainage. New lights will round out the renovation of the playing field. Rotating the field approximately 90 degrees from its original position will allow us to take advantage of the slope down to the field and use it as a viewing area for games.    

The Colquitz River Trail around the field will also see improvements to bring it up to the trail standards elsewhere in Copley West Park.

Check out the drawing of the new field layout [PDF - 1.4 MB].